Rescue Mission For Children

mural1Simon and I went to Thailand at the beginning of the year to help out at the Rescue Mission for Children. We had a wonderful time and just love the children there. Many of the children come out of very traumatic situations and come to the Rescue Mission with sores and malnutrition due to the lack of hygiene and poverty stricken areas they live in. We did not see where they had come from, we only saw the solution and the results of the mission.

The hundreds of children were just so beautiful, hard working, happy, loving and grateful. Our team helped in any way we could – sewing sheets, singing songs, helping build the new school, gardening, painting and fixing electrical work. Simon had a full time job fixing electrical faults and putting in lights. I mostly painted mission statement murals on the walls (see photo). A major part of their lives is praise and worship morning and night. The children may not know it but it is a big part of their healing process because praise is powerful! It brings glory to God and builds us up reminding us of how blessed we are and how wonderful God is to us.



The Rescue Mission For Children is undergoing some renovations and restructuring to make it a better place for the children. If you would like to help please visit the Rescue Mission For Children website.