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A Beautiful Girl

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A Beautiful girl is a lovely children's book that encourages girls to see the beauty within themselves and others. With beautiful illustrations accompanied by poetry, little girls and big girls with love this book that inspires them to shine the beauty within.

Amazon Customer Review *****
The first time I read through this book I fell in love with it. Each page describes different attributes of "beautiful girl", something like this:
"A beautiful girl has skin that is fair.
Whatever she's blessed with she wants to share.
She is a giver of gifts; has others on her mind.
She likes to do things that are thoughtful and kind."

The first line of every page describes a physical attribute of the girl in the picture on that page. Besides the fair skinned girl, there is a dark skinned girl, a girl with skin like desert sands, girls with just about every hair color and style, a girl with freckles, tall and petite girls, an even a girl with a scarf on her head with apparently no hair at all.
But the important thing is that after that first descriptive line, there are several lines about beautiful girls being kind, loving, and a whole variety of various attributes about each of the girls.

The key is at the end of the book, when the author states,
"A beautiful girl is any girl at all.
It's not only external it's every girl's call.
If you are a girl you are beautiful too.
Bring beauty to the world by just being you!"
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