A Hero Is book

A Hero Is book by Nikki Rogers

A Hero Is book was specially written to inspire young boys to be everyday heroes by highlighting qualities such as loyalty, compassion, resourcefulness, justice and courage.

“Every boy can be a hero, brave knight or superman, by helping others, doing right and being the best he can.”

A Hero Is book

Amazon Customer Reviews for A Hero Is book

A Hero Is… takes those people that society puts in those roles of hero and pairs them with a character trait that is heroic. I love the emphasis on compassion and caring for others that this book promotes. I also love that right there among superheroes and firemen is Dad. Dads don’t get enough credit, and I absolutely love that a hero is a dad that cares for his family. Overall, I love the message that anyone can be a hero. This is a great book for encouraging positive traits in little boys, something that gets too often overlooked.

Amazon Customer Review

I really enjoyed the story & loved the illustrations. Very Engaging for the child & meaningful verses that rhymed!!
This is the perfect book for me to read to my son, he’s 5, he is a high functioning autistic. He tells me he’s going to be a ninja when he grows up to he can stop all the bad guys & protect everyone
This book will aid me to help him see you can help protect & be a hero As YourSelf. Thank you for an awesome book !!!

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