What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like piggy backWhat Love Looks Like was inspired by a book called The Five Love Languages®. Dr Gary Chapman, a long-time relationship counselor, authored this very popular book which basically discusses the five principle ways that people speak and understand emotional love.
My husband and I received The Five Love Languages® book as a wedding gift and found it very helpful in learning to effectively express our love in a way that the other receives. The concept is that we all express and feel love differently, and understanding these differences helps us build stronger relationships.
The same is true for children. Although most of us need all the love languages demonstrated towards us to some degree there is usually one or two of the five that speak love to us the loudest. (more…)
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Wilbur the Woolly – A book about trusting the shepherd

wilbur the woolly trusting the good shepherd“I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by my own.1” – Jesus.
Wilbur the Woolly is a book about a sheep called Wilbur, who doesn’t trust that the shepherd has his best interests at heart. Wilbur refuses to be shorn because he wants to keep his lovely warm wool all to himself. Some of the other sheep, like Wilbur, don’t really trust in the shepherd’s love, but the wise sheep have learnt that even though they might feel uncomfortable at times the shepherd actually does care for them and always has their best interests at heart. (more…)
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Sooty & Snow – a book about boundaries

Sooty ChookI really like to use every day experiences, analogies and examples to teach my children spiritual truths or life lessons. Jesus often used parables, real life examples to illustrate spiritual truths and our chickens provided one of those educational moments and inspired my sixth children’s book, Sooty & Snow. Despite our efforts, our black bantam hen, Sooty, insisted on finding ways to get through, under and over the fence designed to keep her safe in our beautiful back yard. (more…)
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What really makes a hero?

blog A Hero Is book Every little boy (that I know of) goes through a stage in life where they want to be a hero. What a wonderful ambition to have! Unfortunately the hero stereotype can tend to highlight the physical strength, super powers and fighting ability of the hero which isn't necessarily what really makes a hero. Even the “bad guys” and villains are becoming popular “hero” figures to some boys because they have these characteristics. (more…)
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A Beautiful Girl ~ What is real beauty?

blog a beautiful girlEvery girl wants to be beautiful but what is real beauty? Unfortunately, so many books, magazines, advertisements and toys reinforce the issue of external beauty in a way that can be stereotyped into a certain body image, personality and sex-appeal. This narrow view can cause many girls to strive for an unattainable goal and be left with a low self-worth as often being externally attractive can feel like a girl’s life goal and what makes them valuable. However, simply being female makes us so valuable, precious, unique and truly beautiful creatures. (more…)
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